Best Organic Lipstick


There are many women out there that simply can’t do it without makeup. Makeup is related to the look but also with someone’s self-esteem and more and more we here about makeup being linked to cancer or Alzheimer’s disease.

Until the problem gets solved, some alternative may be taken under consideration as they only contain natural ingredients and no chemicals whatsoever.

Why turn to organic makeup

Traditional beauty products use petroleum-based ingredients, but also other chemicals too. The ingredients are harsh substances (petroleum, lead, aluminum) and they all need extensive mining. As these processes happen in most sensitive and amazing areas of the world, keep in mind that miles of land are damaged and stripped of essential wildlife every year. An organic makeup, lipstick in this case doesn’t contain aluminum, therefore, it’s eco-friendly.

The chemicals from the traditional makeup products are very tough on skin and may increase the risk of allergies or irritation. Let’s not to mention that many chemicals in the traditional makeup products are bad on the endocrine system. You don’t need to worry on this when it comes to organic lipstick, instead.

Fragrance is very important when you choose your makeup, but the traditional makeup products come from a combination of chemicals. These chemicals are man-made and may have toxic reaction and may be related to cancer, nervous system, allergies and even birth defects. It’s better to get an organic lipstick that has 100% natural ingredients. Essential oils are the most popular choice in natural perfumes and the most concentrated when it comes to aroma.

Your skin absorbs some ingredients and they are not all good for your skin. Traditional care products may damage your body system and, eventually, your health. The main principle when it comes to beauty products is “if you can’t eat it, don’t wear it”.

There are plenty of natural moisturizers (cocoa butter is a good example) that give essential fatty acids for a healthy, young looking skin. There are many natural ingredients that are not only good, but also efficient when it comes to caring for your beauty.

An organic makeup is able to give you some protection against sun’s bad UV’s. you need a mineral-rich organic cosmetic product that maintains your skin young and healthy for a very long time. Let’s not forget about the antioxidant protection that an organic makeup product can also give. Vitamin C has sun-shielding benefits. So try to find an organic lipstick that contains as many as you want natural ingredients, as you want to get the best out of each one of them.

The last reason for going organic is the gentle feel they have on your skin. But this is, as a matter of fact, an obvious conclusion.

The organic lipstick

Recent studies have found lead in lipstick at a much higher level than in previous studies conducted almost ten years ago. We’re not going to point fingers, but the studies from ten years ago have shown high level of lead in famous and iconic cosmetic manufacturers all around the world.

Lead is bad as it may cause language, learning and behavioral problems. Your lipstick shouldn’t contain any amount of lead and in time, the lead can build up inside your body.

Organic lipsticks are lead-free and only contain shea butter and jojoba oil in order to hydrate and soften lips.

So, in order to take care of your health, you need to go all the way and this means also with your lipstick. An organic lipstick only contains all-natural ingredients as jojoba oil, aloe Vera, vitamin E and grape seed extract.

Luckily for all of us, there are many manufacturers that make lead-free lipstick and lip glosses. You just need to take the first step.